Supportive backing

As part of a growing partnership between the Duke and Makerere BME departments [23], a transcontinental design course was offered in Spring 2016 that allowed students from both universities to work collaboratively on a design project. The Makerere students identified a health challenge in Uganda, and together the students from both universities designed a biomedical device to address the need.


Partners in Kampala, Uganda

• Dr. Paul Kiondo, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

• Mrs. Ruth, Immunology Lab Makerere University

• Dr. James Njuguna, Astel Diagnostics Kampala


Partners in Durham, NC, USA

• Dr. Ashini Fernando, FHI 360

• Dr. Jason Kim, BioMedomics

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Big Ideas Mentor

Dr. Richard Lowe, The Clorox Company