Making a Difference

Clinical Study

Ample research has been done and has focused on the prevalence of preeclampsia in Sub-Saharan Africa, but little research has been done on the biomarkers. No study has been conducted at Mulago National Referral Hospital to determine the other biomarkers and their levels Activin A and Inhibin A in preeclampic women in Uganda. This study will provide baseline information, which would help in designing of other screening methods specific diagnostic tool that can predict the condition before the onset of disease. Identification of predictors would make intervention, close surveillance possible and, hopefully, reduce the negative consequences of the disorder thus, modifying antenatal care and institute preventive treatment regimens in order to reduce complications and deaths.

The second goal is to quantify the levels of activin A and inhibin A to determine a cutoff value for the levels of biomarkers that indicate a normal pregnancy and the levels of biomarkers that indicate preeclampsia. This information will be used to determine what concentration of activin A and inhibin A the urine test trip needs to detect so a woman can determine whether she is at risk of developing preeclampsia.

Our main challenges with the clinical study will be incorporating the data and sample collection into the natural workflow of the clinic so as not to be disruptive or detract from normal patient care and resources. Since collecting urine samples low-risk to the women enrolled in the study, our main concern with the subjects is maintaining confidentiality and providing adequate informed consent in Luganda or English.